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Palmcrest Grand Residence is the ideal place to be for seniors who value their independence, but need some additional assistance with day-to-day activities. Our owners have removed the "Institutional Atmosphere" that you see in most facilities as ours; and as of July 1, 2018, the owners brought in a new management team which produced a newly remodeled facility. Relieving our residents who need mininal care, of the stress and worry of managing the chores and responsibilities of daily life, our assisted living facility allows the freedom of time and energy to focus on social interaction. Our Long Beach, Ca facility provides fun activities and quality dining experiences that help our residents live engaging, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

At Palmcrest, our memory care team stand ready to work with your loved one living with memory issues. We strive to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable living environment in the Los Angeles area. Our newly remodeled, memory care community features a safe environment, extra wide hallways and very spacious commmon areas to compliment our resident’s individual needs of comfort, safety and security. We offer your loved ones a safe and open atmosphere, with large windows throughout, that keep their spirit up and joyful. Enjoy the photos that we've taken that our guests will enjoy. We have also included a 3D, 360 degree gallery. At the Palmcrest Grand Retirement home, we have the largest common areas for social interactions than most facilities in the Los Angeles area, inclucing a 46 seat theater that serves popcorn and sodas. Families are invited to watch a show with their loved ones.

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